Punjab Safe Cities Project announced; Lahore to be secured with 8000 cameras

Punjab Safe Cities Project Lahore

For the security and safety of public and taking the security to the next level by using the state of the art technology, Provincial Government has announced the Punjab Safe Cities project

Starting from Lahore, the safe cities project is government’s measure to monitor closely the public places, organizations, streets, and roads as well as the VIP routes including the entry and exit points of Lahore with the help of 8,023 high-tech IP NV cameras.

The 24-hour monitoring will be watched and stored in a Control and Command Center, that will be established in Qurban Lines on an area of 13 canals.

Punjab Safe Cities Project
The image shows highlights of the mega project

Moreover, 800 vehicles will be equipped with cameras in the city for obtaining the video stream from various places. Besides, 100 Miniature cameras and 250 Dynamic Event Cameras will also be installed in the city.

While addressing the ceremony, Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif, thanked Huawei and the Chinese Government for their strong support.

“We went through a very clean bidding process which was participated by companies like Motorola, ZTE, and Huawei. After very tense negotiations, we selected the lowest bidder Huawei for awarding this project”, Chief Minister stated.

He further mentioned that Punjab Safe City Project is four times bigger than Islamabad Safe City Project, however, the cost of Lahore Safe City project is $ 40 million lesser.

“The first part of Punjab Safe City Project has been started from Lahore, which is expected to be completed by 2017. Afterward, Safe Cities Projects in rest of the four cities including Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Multan and Faisalabad will be started simultaneously”, CM further added.

“By the Grace of God, all five cities will have been covered by the end of the legal term of the current government of PMLN,” CM said.

Chief Operating Officer of Punjab Safe Cities Project Akbar Nasir Khan described that it is the ownership of Punjab Police, and whereas, PSCA is only the executing body.

An agreement was signed between Punjab government and Chinese company Huawei regarding Punjab Safe Cities Project.

Punjab Safe Cities Project signing ceremony
In the presence of CM Shahbaz Sharif, COO Punjab Safe Cities Authority Akbar Nasir Khan & CEO Huawei Pakistan Meng Xiaojie signed the document

Punjab Safe Cities Signing Ceremony Group Photo

More detail on Punjab Safe Cities Project

The Lahore chapter is a $ 120 million activity which is expected to start working by October 2016.

“The first phase will be commenced in October this year with nearly 1000 cameras covering few of the areas of Lahore including the routes of Muharram processions,” Khan explained.

Akbar Nasir Khan
Akbar Nasir Khan, COO Punjab Safe Cities Authority

The primary objective for initiating Punjab Safe Cities Project is to beef up the security for countering terrorism in the province. Apart from security, these cameras will also be used for traffic management in the city.

“Free flow of traffic on the roads is another aspect of Safe Cities Project.”, Khan further added.

We have already reported various technological initiatives of Lahore police which are also expanding in different districts of the Punjab. Digitizing the police stations and criminal record, tracking the police vehicles, marking of crime hotspots in the city and several other tech initiatives are already in place. Just recently, Lahore Police added Dolphin Squad as their first response unit.

It was specified that all previous projects will be seamlessly integrated with the Punjab Safe Cities Project for creating a much stronger footprint of law enforcement agencies.

The system will have the capability to keep a record of voice conversations for three years. Moreover, evidence record will be saved for seven years. A 30 days data record will be maintained under the umbrella of this project.

For dealing with so many data and high definition of video content, the Safe Cities Project will make use of 4G LTE technology for the entire communication.

This mega project appears to be a measure for dealing with multiple factors. It was also briefed that social media will be monitored through this command and control center. However, it was not clear in what way Punjab government was interested in monitoring internet activity in the province.

However, the COO shown hopes that, when implemented, the project will bring a new life to the policing in the Province. The existing issues with the command chain are expected to be resolved once everything goes digital.

Punjab government will hire young people for the Punjab Safe Cities Project, who will be trained according to the need of the project. International and local training will be a part of this project.


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