We are six months into 2017 and already we have seen some amazing gadgets that have made us gasp with excitement. Among all flagship releases, QMobile has launched its premium A series, where A1 has been making quite some rounds, impressing the tech enthusiasts across the country.

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QMobile A1 has taken the flagship war to the major mobile phone companies including Apple, Vivo etc. and in a series of lab tests, it is showing how their smartphone can do a lot better than many other acclaimed devices present in the market.

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One of the major attractions in mobile phones nowadays is battery; how fast phone charges and how for how long it can go on on a single charge are two things that can instantly catch the eyes of the consumer.

In a recently released video, QMobile tests its phone’s ultra charging feature with that of Google Pixel, which is reviewed as a Must Buy Smartphone by many techies across the globe.

QMobile A1 packs a 4010 mAh battery as compared to the Google Pixel’s 2770 mAh. We can clearly see in the company’s battery charging test that in just 60 minutes, A1 had 3248 mAh real time capacity which was more than that of Google Pixel whereas the latter took longer to completely charge its battery.

Power Saving and Extreme Mode

Surprisingly, the QMobile A1 also has some tricks up its sleeve as it can save its charging for quite a long period of time to ensure that we never run out of battery. In another video, A1 is shown in three modes; normal, power saving and extreme mode.

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We can see that there is zero percent consumption after 15 minutes. Moving on, after 30 minutes 1% of the battery was used by the smartphone in normal mode. After 2 hours of standby time, A1 in power saving and ultra mode consumed 0% battery which is quite astonishing.

In the power saving mode, the smartphone consumed 3% battery after playing a video for around 30 minutes and 8% after a complete hour watching a video file.

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After watching these tests, we’ll be lying if we’ll say that the smartphone hasn’t peaked our curiosity. We cannot wait to get our hands on this game-changing device. Until then, check out the various features of QMobile A1:

  • Display- 5.5 inches IPS display along with 1920 x 1080 screen resolution.
  • OS- Android Nougat
  • Battery- 4010 mAh
  • RAM- 4GB
  • Memory- 64GB, expandable storage of 256 GB
  • Front Camera- 16MP
  • Back camera- 13MP
  • Price- Rs. 27,900