Think of QMobile and there comes a mid-range phone in mind that is loaded with features, but comes at half the price of some heavy duty branded phone. However, the future course appears to be changing for Pakistan’s leading mobile phone seller as over the weekend we saw them marketing QLED lights.

Fawad Khan, who is already influencing audience for Q’s mobile phones, just starred in a TV commercial featured QLED lights that were being offered as more reliable and durable.

As the commercial claims, the lights are coming at reasonable rates coupled with 2 years of warranty.

Their website ( indicates that Q is currently seeking retailers from all over the country.

It wasn’t a big surprise as the reports were coming that Q wanted to explore various other businesses since the mobile phone industry was getting more competitive and profits were squeezed. The company is considering it a right time to test the waters in other areas where demand is high and so are the margins.

Since energy is getting scarce and expensive in Pakistan and the crisis doesn’t seem to be handled well by any government, LED lights are coming as an alternative for consuming less energy.

It doesn’t simply end here, Q, as we are hearing from sources, is also planning to introduce their LED TVs.

If you know Q from the core, it is no secret that they are the ones responsible for pushing many other phone sellers to bring down prices of their mobile phones and make them affordable. And now, when Q is stepping in the domains of other tech products, we can foresee a big price war in the LED lights and TV industry.

With QLED lights, the company might enjoy some healthy margins in the start since the sector primarily relies on unregulated Chinese importers and Q’s vast knowledge of Chinese market could give them an edge before someone else jumps in.

This leaves us with a question that in pursuit of a better future, is Qmobile going to lose interest in the handset selling?