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QMobile, the brand of stars which is widely associated with glamor and style is now going after the leading names in Pakistani Entertainment industry for representing their handheld devices. Over the years, the company has brought in many brand ambassadors who brought their own brand of class and style to the either the smartphones or feature phones of QMobile.

With placing itself with every major fashion and entertainment event, the mobile phone company aims to be truly a class apart and has its eyes to bring in every major star for the year 2017. Even it is rumored that many faces that can be seen now in TVCs of competitive brands including Atif Aslam and Fawad Khan are to make an appearance for Qmobile in the coming year. The company is in talks with both the superstars who have previously worked with the brand and had shot TVCs featuring their smartphones. Don’t remember the ads? you can refresh your memory now.

Atif Aslam has appeared in many ads for the mobile phone brand.


This year the brand has gone after lead celebrities this year like Maya Ali, Mahira Khan, Fahad Mustafa. Qmobile has a history of gathering all the big names for their brand irrespective of the fact that they are or once did promote any other smartphone brand. Mahira Khan also used to be a face of Huawei once upon a time.

The company has an archive of big names from local industry and across the border like Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi, Sonam Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Arjun Kapoor, Imaan Ali, Shaan Shahid, Priyanka Chopra, Ali Zafar, Sohai Ali Abro, Faisal Qureshi, Danish Taimoor, sports celebrity Shahid Khan Afridi and many more. Qmobile even tried Angelina Jolie to be the face of Qmobile which didn’t work out for the brand as she turned down their offer.

QMobile celebrities
QMobile celebrity endorsements

The brand also was in talks with Alia Bhatt but the deal didn’t go through so they end up importing the idea of selfie flash advertisement from her famous Gionee mobile commercial.

The journey towards fashion and glam doesn’t just involve the celebrity endorsements for the Pakistani mobile phone brand, as their name can be seen in every lavish event happening in the media. Recently, the mobile phone brand could be seen at QMOBILE HUM BRIDAL COUTURE WEEK 2016 and Q mobile HUM Style Awards 2016.

The hosts of the events endorse their smartphones by using them around other celebrities who personify their own class of style and glamor to the Qmobile smartphones. On the red carpet, they take selfies and pictures with Qmobile.

At all these events the company has stylishly placed their kiosks where the attendees can come to have a look at their smartphones. They also give their smartphones to the stars who carry them around for other to gaze their eyes upon the smartphone they’re using.

The brand is not sticking to the said fashion events but has also moved to the entertainment industry by sponsoring movies like Dobara Phir Se.

Qmobile is feeling the love of fashion and glamor. With its aim to have every leading celebrity and star of Pakistan as part of its ever-growing family of brand ambassadors, how will other smartphones react to the decreasing pool of brand ambassadors? It would be interesting to see what major brands like Samsung and Huawei will do to promote their smartphones.

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