In a superior court filing in California, Qualcomm has explosively alleged Apple of stealing confidential information and trade secrets and handing them over to Qualcomm’s rival chip maker, Intel.

The filing states that the sole purpose of giving away their trade secrets and such information was to improve the performance of chips produced by Intel.

Qualcomm had already filed the suit against Apple of breaching the so-called “master software agreement” that Apple earlier signed when it became a customer of Qualcomm a couple of years back. The company hopes that the court will amend¬†allegations in its existing lawsuit.

The “master software agreement” gave Qualcomm access to Apple’s top-secret areas to ensure the safety and security of tools and software used by Qualcomm which was recently refused by Apple to gain access to those areas.

According to Qualcomm, it has proof that Apple has handed over its trading secrets to Intel to make better chips however the company did not disclose any evidence and most probably will not make them public unless the case goes to trial.

Even though iPhones from Apple have an in-house chipset, the company heavily relies on third-party chips for modems. For almost a decade Apple used the chips from Qualcomm which were way superior in quality than the Intel chips.

All this ordeal highlighted when Apple deviated from Qualcomm to Intel for modem chips supply.