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One of the most controversial decisions by the smartphone manufacturers is the removal of headphone jack from their phones. Almost every company is removing the headphone jack from their high-end phones and people are divided over this.

Although Qualcomm is not a phone manufacturer, it undoubtedly makes the best chipsets out there. However, it seems that Qualcomm is also in favor of removing the headphone jack. The chipset manufacturer announced a new codec called aptX Adaptive for improved audio for wireless devices.

Headphone jack removal

Qualcomm states that this code is only designed to meet the extensive and increasing demand for high-res wireless audio.

Other audio codecs up till now only focused on listening to music while the aptX Adaptive is here to change that. Whether you are playing games, watching videos or streaming music, you’ll always get a high-quality audio. The codec adjusts and adapts according to the content to provide the user with optimum audio quality.

Qualcomm says that the codec will debut with the next Snapdragon chipset, which may as well be the Snapdragon 855.

This made us think about the flagships that use Qualcomm high-end processors and still provide the headphone jack, like the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. Will the companies like Samsung be willing to remove the jack because of this technology? Let’s wait and see

Let us know what do you think about the trend of removal of headphone jack from the latest phones.

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