Railway coolies will no more carry luggage and wear red uniform

Pakistan Railways Coolies

When you go to the railway station, an old man in red uniform comes to you and asks you if he can pick up your luggage. If you say yes, he picks up the luggage and carries it on his head. People call this man coolie. They can be seen on any station of the Pakistan Railways.

Railway Coolies carry heavy loads and also guide the people about the departure and the arrival timings of a train, and also tell about its platform number. They do all this just to get a small sum of money (mostly Rs. 20 to Rs.30).

On railway stations, coolies have been working for more than one hundred years. The act of carrying the heavy luggage on head is a very unhealthy practice. It is very harmful especially for the spinal cord of a human body.

But now, there is a good news for them. The Pakistan Railways has decided to change this century-old culture of coolies.

Now, they will be provided with small and big trolleys to carry the loads, and for each round, they will get Rs. 50 for carrying a load of up to 40 kg. The trolleys will also feature built-in lock system.

Not only this, railways will also allow ten holidays per year for the coolies, without any deduction of the salary. The historical red uniforms of coolies will also be changed. They will now wear shalwar kameez of green color. A cap, displaying the logo of Pakistan Railways will also be provided to them.

The contractor who will provide the uniform to the coolie will get 30 percent money from the salary of the coolie.

  1. It seems that Mian Sahib and his cronies are importing even the ideas from the neighboring country, which has announced similar move in February this year. Pathetic!

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