Razer brings Project Valerie gaming laptop with 3 screens at CES 2017

Razer Project Valerie

At CES 2017, Razer has unveiled its latest laptop that comes with three screens. It is the first of its kind device and the company has said that this laptop is targeted at the people who like to play games and want to experience something entirely new, this laptop is known as Project Valerie.

The company has added three 4K screens, with each measuring 17.3-inches with the resolution of 11520 x 2160 pixels. Although the Project Valerie is designed in a way that each of the screens will be used for viewing the same thing, there is also an option to turn these displays into separate screens for viewing multiple videos at the same time.

One of the best thing about this three-screen laptop is that you can take it anywhere as it is very light in weight. You can fold all the screens and pack it into your bag and go to your office or anywhere, and use it to check your documents, browse the web, and more.

Keeping in mind the growing number of gamers, Razer introduced this laptop and it also said that this laptop will see an increasing sale in the market. Currently, this laptop is a prototype and the company has not announced when this device will be available in the market.

Almost all the big companies are launching their new products at the CES 2017 event. Honda will unveil its NeuV concept car, which will come with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Asus has announced its ZenFone 3 Zoom for camera lovers, and a ZenFone AR with 8GB RAM.

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