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Realme surfaced in China as a subsidiary of OPPO in 2010, however, until 2018 the company was not producing any smartphones. The year 2018 was written in bold in the fate for the Realme as it got separated from the parent company and started produing smartphones targeting the youth.

Realme started its operations from India and received an overwhelming response thanks to its affordable but top-notch smartphones. Sensing the potential in the Pakistani market, the company has launched Realme 2 Pro in the country.

Thankfully, we got our hands on the device and now presenting an in-depth review to decipher whether it’s worth your hard earned money.

Design Language

Realme 2 Pro back

The design of the Realme 2 Pro looks somewhat close to OPPO F9, which is an intelligent choice as the later received positive feedback from the consumers. The design language of Realme 2 Pro even surpasses OPPO F9 as it’s not that shiny and twinkling.

Realme has chosen polycarbonate to carve the body for the device which is an excellent choice of material. The job of polishing the back of the device has achieved a right spot close to a matte finish.

Realme 2 Pro volume rockers

The left side of the phone features volume rockers and a SIM tray. It’s appreciatable that rather housing two slots and giving an option to choose between inserting dual SIM cards or a memory card with single SIM, Realme has opted to include triple-slots to use all of them simultaneously.
The right side of the phone just furnishes a clean and tactile power button.

Realme 2 Pro power button

3.5mm headphone jack, speaker grill, and a micro USB charging port is featured on the bottom of the phone. There are two microphones in the Realme 2 Pro, one at the bottom and one at the top which helps in noise cancellation.

Realme 2 Pro bottom

The phone is a little bit on a thicker side as compared to offerings like Honor 8X and Vivo Y95, however, in the build quality the phone is much sturdier and felt solid in hands. All the buttons are within easy reach and quite responsive.

The phone attracts smudges and gets dirty very easily that is the only downside of the design language but this can be easily tackled by putting a cover on the phone.

Radiant Display

Realme 2 Pro has got a Full HD LCD display with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2340. The screen size is 6.3-inch which is quite impressive as the device fits well in hands. This is acheived by a marvelous screen to body ratio of 90.8%, thanks to its minimalistic water drop notch.

Realme 2 Pro display

Although traditionally, most of the mid-range smartphones carries an LCD panel, this display is unique in terms of vividness and flamboyant picture quality. The pixel density of Realme 2 Pro is at 409ppi.

The media consumption is ideal on this phone, the picture quality is amazingly sharp but not oversaturated which is the problem we often faced with the Chinese brands. Compared to Huawei Y9 2019, the viewing angles of Realme 2 Pro are exceptionally well and wide.

Realme 2 Pro notch

Besides giving a picturesique color reproduction, the phone has a remarkable brightness. Even in bright day light and in direct sunlight, the display of the device remains watchable.

There is no doubt that display is one of the strongest traits of this device. Most of us consumes a lot of media content from social media apps like Youtube and Facebook. Having a radiant display like Realme 2 Pro is always a plus in smartphones.


Realme 2 Pro comes with Android 8.1 (Oreo) with custom skin on top. ColorOS 5.2 has been used by the company which is the famous skin from OPPO having its own pros and cons.

software interface Realme 2 Pro
Software Interface

Chinese skins are notoious for their bloatware and agressive treatments, this custom skin on Realme 2 Pro is no exception here. However, if you are used to with the devices from companies like Huawei and Vivo, this skin is right at home.

Not all features in the custom software are bloatware, as there Game Space which has impressed us a lot. This type of feature is not even found in many flagships. You can almost control everything while playing games without any need to close the game or pause the progress.

Game Space
Game Space

A simple right swipe brings customized apps like messages, FB and others. You can read and even respond to the messages from the same screen. The Do not Disturb mode helps you restrict all notifications, except the important ones chosen by you. It means that you can play the games without any undue disturbance.

Astounding Performance

Realme 2 Pro has a Qualcomm chipset, Snapdragon 660, which has proven its might in our labs while we were testing Vivo V11 Pro.

Now come to the most decorative feature of this phone, Realme 2 Pro carries 8GB of RAM with internal storage of 128GB. And yes on top of that there is an option for an external SD card.

Its really imposing that Realme has provided such a grand RAM in this price range. Note here, the devices like OnePlus 6T and Pocophone packs such RAM inside the hood, and are marvelous no doubt, however, there is no phone with such a massive RAM at this low price range.

Here are the benchmarks results:

Benchmarks Realme 2 Pro

In our real-life tests, we were after this RAM and were adamant to fail it by throwing heavy tasks to Realme Pro. This device came victorious with a crown from our lab.

The device swamped the whole team and literally amused us all. If you are familiar with our reviews, we have a norm to test any type of device. We start with light usage, just using a device for simpler tasks. Then move towards moderate usage; Here we test the device with its handling of social media apps, WhatsApp calls and other such tasks.

Then comes the turn of our famous heavy usage test, where we literally test the device to its potential by playing heavy games and multi-tasking. Realme Pro 2 showed no lags whatsoever in any of the tests and remained fast, and responsive all the times.

Speaking of the battery of the phone, Realme 2 Pro comes with 3500mAh battery. In our opinion, adding a few more mAh’s would have been perfect. In light usage, the device consumed 14% of the battery while it ate up 21% of the battery in heavy usage. All the battery tests were for 1-hour usage.


Realme 2 Pro rear camera

Realme 2 Pro features dual camera setup at the rear, having a 16MP main sensor and a 2MP depth sensor. The front camera is equipped with a 16MP lens to cater the needs of selfie lovers.

The rear camera takes some nice shots with ample dynamic range. We roamed the city with the device and took shots everywhere and it never disappointed us.

Realme 2 Pro camera interface
Camera Interface

The AI in this device is quite like we find in OPPO smartphones, the device detects the scenes automatically and adjusts the settings accordingly. The treatment of AI is fairly well and up to the mark if not perfect.

Lahore Museum Picture with auto mode on Realme 2 Pro
Auto Mode
Lahore Museum Picture with HDR mode on Realme 2 Pro
HDR Mode

The HDR mode is a must-have in smartphones nowadays. Realme 2 pro HDR takes clean shots with the right amount of lightening up the dark corners and spots in the photos. You should use HDR, sensing the environment.

Painting Picture with auto mode on Realme 2 pro
Auto Mode
Painting Picture with hdr mode on Realme 2 pro
HDR Mode

Although the camera performed superbly in daylight, it shows signs of a struggle in low light. In the night, most of the shots showed grains and over saturation. Realme should work to enhance the low light capabilities of its devices.

Sweettooth Picture at Night with auto mode on Realme 2 pro
Night Auto Mode
Sweettooth Picture at Night with HDR mode on Realme 2 pro
Night HDR Mode

The portrait mode in Realme 2 Pro is different from the ones we find in other Chinese smartphones. You cannot control the amount of blurriness and the phone takes the help of the depth sensor to automatically adjusts everything like Pixel phones. However, it showed mixed results as sometimes it gives superb shots while failing completely few times.

Selfie in daylight with Realme 2 Pro
Selfie Shot

The front shooter takes some crispier photos and unlike other Chinese smartphones, never shows agressive results with too much of smoothness.

The front notch hosts a 16MP camera that takes decent selfies in bright environments but sadly same cannot be said for low light. To ask the phone to take great selfies even in low light would be too much.

Image of  National History Museum at Night with Auto mode on realme 2 pro
Night Auto Mode
Image of  National History Museum at Night with HDR mode on realme 2 pro
Night HDR Mode


So the question; Should you buy this phone? The display and the performance are no doubt the strongest traits of Realme 2 Pro. If you play games and consume a lot of media content, and need a phone that shows no lags with heavy usage. Look no further, Realme 2 Pro is highly recommended.

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