How to recover deleted pictures from Android, iOS and Windows

How to recover deleted pictures

These days, everybody uses a smartphone to capture images. We use our smartphone to capture the moments during special events like birthdays, marriage ceremonies etc. But there is a dangerous button called “Delete”. Once pressed, the picture is lost. It is very difficult to recover deleted pictures.

If you have ever deleted a precious picture by mistake, then there are apps available for Android, iOS, and Windows to recover the images.

How to recover deleted pictures in Android?

The best tool available to recover the pictures on Android smartphone is DiskDigger app. It can recover the deleted photos from the cache of the smartphone. The size of the application is just 1.15MB.

After launching the app, tap on “Basic photo scan” from the main page of the app. The app will scan the memory of the smartphone and MicroSD card. The deleted images will start appearing during the scan.

After the scanning is completed, tick the images you want to recover and touch the “Recover” button on the top, and then select “Save the files to a custom location”.

Now, select the folder where you want to save this file and tap “OK”. The recovered image will be saved in the folder. Please keep in mind that the resolution of the photos recovered is not always good and there is a chance that you don’t find all the deleted images.

How to recover deleted pictures in iPhone?

Open your photos app on the iPhone. Touch “Albums” option, and then tap “Recently Deleted”. You will find all your deleted pictures there. The deleted images, which are older than 30 days are automatically removed  from the “Recently Deleted” folder.

How to recover deleted pictures in Windows?

To recover deleted pictures in Windows, download Recuva app. The app is available on the desktop for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10. With this app, you can recover most of the deleted files. You can also recover the files from a removable storage by connecting the storage with your PC using the USB cable.


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