Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Finally Go On Sale this Month

Samsung Galaxy Note 7


After confirming last month, Samsung has decided to re-launch its Galaxy Note 7 into the market without causing any major fires. Finally! we know when and where the company will be releasing its last year’s explosive gadget.

Reportedly, Samsung is collaborating with three mobile carriers in Korea, SK Telecom, LGU +, and KT for the dissemination of the various variants of the smartphone. Previously, it was rumored the company will release the refurbished phones on June 30.

Samsung was rumored to ship a large number of its units to different regions including the US and other Asia countries, specifically India. But now, it seems that the phone will likely be delayed in these other parts.

Galaxy Note 7 Variants

Samsung has reportedly around 2.5 million Note 7 devices left after its last year’s fiasco which will be circulated after a few changes.

The giant company plans to launch three variants of its previous flagship;

  • SM-N935S
  • SM-N935K
  • SM-N935L

The new phones are rumored to have a 5.7-inches display and smaller-capacity batteries of around 3,000- to 3,200mAh. The new models are likely to show the Samsung hearty fans that this that the company knows how to make an explosive comeback.

note 7 battery explosion
Exploded Galaxy Note 7

Earlier this year, the South Korean giant came out and revealed the reasons behind the battery explosions. Apparently, there were two flaws that made Galaxy Note 7 the burning sensation of 2016 where the product was recalled from the market.

It is rumored that the phones will be launched in other regions at the price of $620 (PKR 64,961/-). We also hope to see this refurbished device soon in Pakistan.

It seems that the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 may conceal the cracks created in the reputation of the company, also it is to be noted that it has been almost 5 months and no combustion has occurred in the newly launched Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 Plus series.

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