Researchers reveal a bigger, more reliable solid-state battery to replace Li-ion


Li-ion batteries are used in almost every smartphone these days, regardless of them being flagship, mid-range or budget phones. John Goodenough, a solid state physicist and American professor, and his team have claimed that they have discovered a new kind of battery to replace the Li-ion ones. John Goodenough is also credited with the discovery of Li-ion batteries currently in use.

The team claims that the new discovered solid state batteries have three times more capacity and can charge at a faster rate. Smartphones are already focusing on offer the longest battery times and the introduction of the new Snapdragon 835 chipset promises 20% less charging times with its enhanced quick charge feature.

Smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 have already started providing a huge 4100 mAh and 5000 mAh battery respectively. One can only image the good effect it will bring to smartphones specifications like the ones mentioned are combined with newer more reliable batteries.

Moreover, the explosion of several Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones has made the consumers aware of the threat unsafe Li-ion batteries possess. Users have now become more conscious about this issue, but Goodenough team has got a solution to this problem as well. John says some metal components in the Li-ion batteries tend to short circuit or overheat the batteries resulting in an explosion or a shorter battery life.

The newly discovered battery will be not only safe but also eco-friendly because of the glass components replacing the metal ones. The battery will be capable of being fully charged and ran down for over 1200 cycles which are a huge upgrade from the existing Li-ion batteries.

The battery discovered by the American physicist and his team is bound to be a game changer considering the negativities of Li-ion surfacing fast, but the researchers have yet to find a company willing to produce this innovative battery.

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