Nordic International School

In today’s competitive world, parents will stop at nothing to make their child the best of the best, the crème de la crème and the brightest star in the sky.

For this purpose, they extensively research to find a school that will focus on their children individually, provide them with great opportunities for academic excellence and shape their future; a school that has a well-planned curriculum, effective assessment techniques and opportunities to reinforce 21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication, among many others, to ensure that students are on track with the rest of the fast-paced world.

Children at a young age are inquisitive and eager in nature, which is why parents require schools to channel their inner curiosity by learning through engagement and interaction practices.

Also, for these young ones enrolled in an Early Years or Primary Program, parents need their curriculum to place particular emphasis on literacy and development of fundamentals of numeracy, with teachers adopting a more need-based learning approach so that these little ones are equipped with essentials that will assist their future academic progress.

At a middle school stage, when students have become familiar and deeply involved in their academics, they demand interesting lessons that consist of long-term projects, problem-based learning and collaborative work that continuously challenges their abilities and develops their potential.

Subsequently, students also require a platform that provides them the chance to give high school examinations or international equivalents to earn relevant graduating diplomas.

In addition to an appropriate and interesting curriculum, parents also want schools to make available a wide range of extra-curricular activities so that students acquire various skills and are tested, both, mentally and physically.

Fortunately, parents can find all of the aforementioned, and more, at Nordic International School (NIS), a new and one of a kind, a research-based school in Pakistan that prepares it students for a life and career in the globalized world.

It provides a blended curriculum by teaching English and Mathematics from the UK National Curriculum and language and local studies from the local curriculum. NIS’ ambition is to be your child’s best school today, preparing for life and success tomorrow by aspiring to create global leaders well anchored in their local heritage.

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