Researchers develop lie detecting algorithm to detect email scams

Algorithm to identify email scams

Researchers have created a lie detecting algorithm designed to identify the email scams. With the passage of the time, the number of cases of lying to each other on the internet is increasing.

This matter is not only limited to the websites that produce false information but almost every internet user is familiar with the email scams. It is very unlikely for an ordinary Internet user not to receive at least one email in a day, which gives attractive advice to him/her. These emails mostly promise the recipient that he had won a gift or a large sum of money.

Most of the time, these emails are automatically diverted to the Spam folder of your email. The spam detection system of modern email services, i.e., Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Microsoft Live is very powerful. But if you have an account on a less popular email service provider, you might have experienced receiving a large number of irrelevant emails straight into your inbox.

Fortunately, the language and the way of explanation used in this kind of emails are the same. By this similarity, it is very easy to guess accurately if the email has the real information or false.

New technology to automatically recognize Email scams

The researchers at the Cass Business School, London have started working on a technology called “Natural Language Processing.” This technology will be able to identify accurately if an email has a valid information or false.

During the research, the experts discovered that most of the people who send the emails based on untrue facts avoid talking about personal issues, and try to flatter the person whom they send the email.

According to the experts who are writing the algorithm for this new kind of technology, the basic purpose of this service is to detect the fraudulent emails. However, it can be used for recognizing the other online frauds as well.

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