Reselling old mobile phone and buying a new one is quite a common phenomenon in Pakistan but lately, this innocent act has been ruining the lives of many Pakistani citizens.

According to FIA, reselling old mobile phone in a market is very dangerous, reports City 42. The authorities warned that the deleted data on the smartphone can be recovered by others that can cause problems for the original owner of the device.

Dr. Usman, Director FIA revealed that the deleted data from old mobile phones is being used to blackmail people not just in Lahore but across Pakistan. Several women have reported the cybercrime where they are being blackmailed over the data recovered from their old phones.

Many times, when we are reselling old mobile phone, we only delete the pictures and several other documents which may lead to other people recovering the data using different software. So, if you plan to sell your phone in order to purchase a new one, we recommend that you wipe it down completely by factory resetting. Here’s a guide to help you understand how to factory reset your Android smartphone.

Previously, we have also shown you how shopkeepers are duping people by repainting the old smartphones to look brand new, so you need to be careful in the sale and purchase of any mobile device.