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Stop visiting all your favorite websites on a daily basis. Now you can get all the content automatically delivered on your smartphone. With Really Simple Syndication (RSS) service, you can get the news as it breaks, straight into your handset! There is a variety of RSS reader apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

You can copy the URL of any RSS feed and paste it into any of the apps mentioned below to monitor the stories. URL of RSS feed is mostly on the top of any web page.

Below we are going to discuss the features offered by different RSS reader apps for iOS and Android.

Feedly – your work newsfeed (Android and iOS)

Feedly RSS reader is available for both iOS and Android-based devices. The layout is so smooth and user-friendly. You can add RSS URLs and let the app handle them. If you don’t know any RSS URL, you can search for your favorite websites right from the search bar provided in the app.

For example, to follow the RSS of BBC News, type BBC in the search bar. Feedly will search the website and provide you with an option to follow its RSS.

FeedMe RSS Reader for Android

FeedMe RSS reader is available on the Google Play Store. The reading-friendly app is designed for the people who love to read a lot. There are a lot of colors and customizable themes. You can adjust the layout according to your preference.

There is also an unread count badge featured in the app which shows you how many stories are pending to be read. The articles can also be saved for an offline reading pleasure. It’s an ad-free app and also supports a built-in browser to search for any RSS feed.

Inoreader (Android and iOS)

With Inoreader, you can monitor news on any topic by specifying any keywords. For example, you can add the keyword “Tech” to follow all the technology-related happenings all around the world. Inoreader keeps a record of the items you have read, so you only see the unread stories even if you log in from a new device.

Inoreader is available for the Android-based devices and iOS as well. The main features of this app are totally free, but you can also purchase the pro version if you want to get some additional features.

gReader for Android

gReaader is an RSS reader for Android. The app not only supports RSS feeds but Podcasts as well. The app features beautiful themes in Light, Green, Sepia, Black, and Dark colors. There is also a “Night Mode” option so that the battery can be saved.

Another great feature of gReader is that it supports voice reading, meaning, you can listen to any of the RSS feeds. There is also a widget, which comes with this app. You can add it to the home screen of your smartphone. The widget shows the unread items badge.

gReader is an ad-supported app and all the features are free of charge. However, an ad-free version is also available for the price of just Rs.579.00.

RSS Savvy for Android

RSS Savvy is an RSS reader with a lot of extra features. It is an app for the people who like to have a lot of functions in one app. With RSS Savvy, you can organize as many RSS feeds as you want in the configurable tabs provided in the app.

You can also share the stories in your RSS feeds with your Facebook and Twitter friends. You can add any RSS feed right from your web browser into the RSS Savvy app. The app automatically alerts you when there is a new item available in any of your feeds.

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