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Popular social network, Twitter has become a target of a hacker, who has gained the unauthorized access to some 32 million accounts. A Russian hacker is allegedly selling the hacked accounts for the price of 10 bitcoins (US $5700 approximately).

As per details, a Russian hacker, Tessa88 (Tessa88@exploit.im) has claimed the responsibility for hacking a large number of Twitter accounts. The account details include the email addresses, passwords, and the usernames.

Most of the passwords that were hacked contained single digits like 12345678.

The San Francisco-based micro-blogging website has denied that its servers were hacked at all. The company said that there was no fault found on its systems. Moreover, it claims that it is already trying hard to protect its users.

Now the question arises in mind that how did the hackers gain access to the accounts without touching the systems of Twitter?

Earlier in May, a similar case was reported when a cybercriminal hacked some 270 million passwords of Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. This hacker was also from Russia.

How the Twitter accounts were hacked?

Tessa88 used malware to steal a massive number of Twitter account credentials. Malware is a kind of software that is mainly created to crack a digital system without letting the owner know.

In the present case of hacking, malware was sent to the internet users who use modern web browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to access their Twitter accounts.

An add-on was installed on these web browsers without the knowledge of the affected users. This add-on sends the password and username whenever the affected user signs into a website. This process of hacking is also sometimes called as Keylogging. It monitors the keys that the user presses while entering the password.

The malware was sent to the web browsers, not directly to the Twitter systems. So apparently, the hack was made to scare the users of the Twitter, and not to scare the company itself.

Popular accounts that became the target of the Russian hacker

Some of the famous celebrities and prominent personalities whose Twitter accounts were hacked include the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who was using “dadada” as his Twitter password, American singer Katy Perry, who has more than 89 million Twitter followers. However, the singer gained back access to her account and deleted all the weird tweets sent by the hackers.

The account of the chief executive of Zendesk was also hacked, and was later recovered.

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