Russian hacker steals 270 million passwords of Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft

Russian Hacker passwords

A recent report suggests that 270 million email accounts from Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft are hacked. Cyber criminals have gained the unauthorized access to all the data of these accounts. A Russian hacker is trading these accounts.

Cyber security agency Hold Security discovered the data on a Russian hacker forum, where one person was claiming that he had gained the access to 1.17 billion email accounts.

Interestingly, the Russian hacker told the Hold Security team that he would give the entire list of hacked passwords to them just for the price of 50 roubles, which is just Rs. 78 in Pakistani currency. The Hold Security team denied paying for the stolen passwords.

Now, here comes another interesting and funny twist in the story, the hacker said that he would provide the access to the entire data to the Hold Security team if the team gives some likes on hacker’s account on a social networking website.

Russian Hacker happily provided access to the passwords to a security agency

The team accepted this offer. They started liking his page until he was satisfied. Ultimately, the hacker happily provided the 10 GB file, containing all the information of the stolen data. It took more than one hour for downloading this data.

After counting the number of hacked passwords, Hold Security discovered that the original number of accounts hacked was 270 million, and not 1.17 billion.

Most of the hacked passwords belonged to the Mail.Ru group, a Russian email and web services network. But the list also contained the passwords from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Microsoft email accounts.

Talking to a news agency, Hold Security founder Alex Holden said that this hacker is agreed to give the information about the stolen accounts to the people who treat him with respect.

It is recommended to change your password if you have an account on Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. Unfortunately, a number of people use the same password for registering an account on every other website, so there is a chance that their other accounts may also get hacked.

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