SAARC Conference cars

In Pakistan, the lives of rich are very important than the lives of ordinary people. Recently, a child died in Lahore because his ambulance could not reach the hospital in time due to the containers and the “security arrangements” for the PTI rally. Moreover, in Karachi, a number of people die daily due to the firing at their cars. But, for the government, there are special bomb-proof Mercedes-Maybach cars available in our country.

For the prime minister and the federal ministers, the modern bomb-proof Mercedes-Maybach cars have arrived Pakistan. As per details, the South Asian Association for the Regional Cooperation (SAARC) conference was to be held in Pakistan.

The preparation for the SAARC conference was being carried out, and it was decided to order the modern bomb-proof cars for all the country heads who would come to participate in the conference. However, SAARC conference was cancelled due to the Indo-Pak border situation.

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Despite the cancellation of the SAARC conference, the modern bomb-proof vehicles have arrived Pakistan. Now, it has been decided to transport all the Mercedes-Maybach S600 Sedan vehicles to the PM House. According to the sources, all these cars will be used by the PM and the federal ministers. It is important to mention here that one Mercedes-Maybach S600 Sedan costs about 20,038,675 PKR.


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