Safe Cities Authority reveals design of new number plates for Lahore

Number Plate design given by safe cities authority

We previously reported that more than 4 million vehicles in Lahore will have new number plates as the Safe City cameras cannot read the existing ones. The authority has finally revealed the metrics for the new plates.

The number plate for a motorcycle and rickshaw would be 150 millimeters and width 220 millimeters, whereas, for a car, the length would be 325 millimeters and width would be 152 millimeters. According to DG Excise, the numbers and letters’ size would also increase on the plates.

The Punjab government under the Safe City project has installed ANPR cameras in Lahore to initiate e-challan system. The decision to change the number plates of all vehicles in Lahore came after those high-tech cameras failed to read them.

The provincial government previously decided to change their color and size, enabling the new cameras to effectively read and identify the vehicle.

The government designed and installed the scannable number plates some 10 years back but is now installing the cameras. Due to this reason, the old plates doesn’t with the current protocols of the cameras.

DG Excise also revealed that the government would introduce universal number plates that would have three letters and numbers. Also, the design of these new number plates would be designed by the safe city authorities.

After finalizing the design of the new plates, the provincial government would give out a tender. But, yet a final decision hasn’t been taken place regarding the initiation of the new plates.

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