Why Safe City Authority is blocking Social Media Accounts in Pakistan?

safe city social media

Earlier this week, City 42 reported that the Safe City Authority has blocked 128 Facebook and Twitter accounts related to terrorism and extremism. Though this action is quite commendable, in the presence of FIA’s cyber crime wing and PTA, why is Safe City involved in this task?

Earlier this year, the major scandal of blasphemous content on Facebook served as a wake-up call for the regulatory authorities as the court directed them to eliminate such material even at the expense of shutting down social media sites.

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The government sprung into action and contacted the Facebook’s management to resolve this pandemic. It was revealed afterward that 85 percent of blasphemous content has been removed from the social networking site.

Last year, after the controversial cybercrime law was passed, FIA was appointed as the investigative agency for all related cases. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) directly oversees the questionable content available on the internet and has the authority to take the necessary action against any such website or social media page.

The inclusion of Safe City Authority, whose primary focus is to safeguard the citizens of Pakistan through the large network of a surveillance camera, in the list of institutes that are working on the online content is just confusing.

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Let’s assume that Safe City Authority blocks a social media account, a person would need to go through three different authorities to see which one of them carried out this action. Besides, we need specialization in roles rather a dispersion of duties.

If PTA requires extra help, they need to create a better infrastructure, rather than inducting a new institute to do their task for them. Same goes for the cyber crime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency. Pakistan already has a mess of

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Pakistan already has a mess of Ministries, institutions etc where either a task is divided into too many people or a single person is overlooking a more than a handful of issues. In either case, the only loser is our country and its people who are still suffering due to ineffective measures.

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