Samsung has been bewitching us with its glorious and innovative smartphone for years but now Pakistanis can witness the same astounding qualities in its QLED TV.

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Earlier this month, the South Korean giant started the pre-orders for its QLED TV in Pakistan where customers could book the TV via both online and offline channels.

One of the interesting features of this campaign was that the company offered its flagship Galaxy S8 along with its TV to appreciate its loyal customers.

Though it is now available in local markets, Samsung will officially launch the QLED TV in an event that will take place tomorrow in Lahore.

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The company made quite some waves with the glamorous launch of its flagship phones and according to our sources, it again aims to wow the audience with its QLED TV reveal.

The Number 1 TV maker across the globe revealed to the media in May that the term QLED stands for Quantum Dot LED TV.

This innovative TV will feature a 65 inches screen and is priced at Rs. 550,000.