The two tech giants Samsung and Apple have been fined for releasing updates for their smartphones that tend to slow them down. Apple has been fined 10 Million Euros while Samsung has been hit with a smaller 5 Million Euros fine.

The whole ordeal started when the Italian Competition Authority or AGCM set out to investigate whether these two manufacturers were deliberately slowing down their phones via updates. As a result, AGCM has fined both the companies and issued a statement saying both companies violated several consumer codes.

5 Million Euros fine was levied against Apple for the slow down problems and unexpected shutdowns that occurred on several iPhone 6 models when users installed iOS 10. Though Apple released a fix for the issue but didn’t warn the users that it would throttle CPUs on older devices.

An additional 5Million Euro fine was also slapped on Apple for hiding information from users about the iPhone batteries such as the average lifespan of a battery and how to maintain and replace a battery.

Samsung also received a 5Million Euros fine for rolling out the Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 update for Note 4 users that was actually meant for the Galaxy Note 7 users. This update caused the Galaxy Note 4 to malfunction in certain cases so people had to pay high costs to get their phones fixed.

Both Samsung and Apple has denied the slowing down of their phones. Samsung has also decided to appeal the decision. However, the authority ordered both the companies to publish a declaration on their Italian websites to inform the users of AGCM’s decision.