Samsung Galaxy Note 8

2017 was supposed to be a big year for Samsung as it introduced the first ever smartphone with infinity display i.e. Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ alongside its new addition to the Note series known as the Galaxy Note 8 but sadly the battery woes are still haunting the brand.

As the company was ready to embrace 2018, the Galaxy Note 8 started to have some battery issues where many customers are complaining that can’t charge their devices once the phone’s battery falls to 0%.

Though the issue, known as “deep discharge” is commonly associated with Li-ion batteries, the mobile devices eventually recover from it which is not a case with Galaxy Note 8 and many Galaxy S8+ users.

Many of us can still recall the huge embarrassment the company had to face when Samsung Galaxy Note 7 started to explode around the globe leading to a huge recall, relaunch and the end of Note 7 journey on this planet.

The company suspended its shipments after many customers complained about exploding phones which led to the recall of 2.5 million devices sold by Samsung. Even after offering a replacement and reintroducing the device, the company had to pack up the device in October 2016 and carry on the explosive legacy onto the next year.

In early 2017, we were informed that the problem arose due two distinct battery flaws, one present in the phone’s original battery and the other present in the batteries sourced from Amperex Technology Limited. The company also introduced an eight-step battery safety test to guarantee the safety of the battery but the company is still not out of the hot waters.

Thankfully the device is not a safety risk like its predecessor but as it was a hell of an expensive smartphone people have started to question was it really worth it? The company still doesn’t have a clear understanding as to what is the cause of the new issue and has advised people to avail the warranty and ask for a repair.

It is very upsetting to see a giant smartphone maker struggling with providing a good battery to users. With Note 8, the company reduced the battery capacity of the device to make it safe while at the same hand we see Huawei offering a massive 4000 mAh battery in Huawei Mate 10 series safely to users with SuperCharge feature that can top up the charge very quickly.

We are not yet sure whether this issue is limited to a few devices or will it gain momentum like the Note 7 but one thing is sure, if you own a Galaxy Note 8, don’t let it run out of juice.

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