Samsung to use batteries from LG for its future phones

Samsung to use LG batteries

Samsung is working hard to improve its batteries for its future phones. According to the latest report, the South Korean company has decided to purchase the batteries from LG Chem (a subsidiary of LG corporation) for its smartphones.

Presently, this company uses the batteries from Amperex Technology and Samsung SDI Co Ltd. Starting from 2017, there is a great chance that Samsung will use the batteries from LG Chem. It is possible that the Galaxy Note 8 will come with a battery from LG.

The company has suffered a huge loss because of the battery-related incidents of Galaxy Note 7. The organisation is now focusing on upgrading the qualities of its batteries. According to a source, the deal between Samsung and LG Chem has not yet been finalized but the two companies will soon sign an official document.

It is important to note that if the smartphone manufacturer signs a deal with the LG Chem, it would still use the batteries from Amperex and Samsung SDI in some of its smartphones. The company does not want to replace its current battery manufacturers with LG.

For the fans of the South Korean company, it does not matter, which company’s batteries Samsung use, all they want is a smartphone, which is safer to use and does not explode like the Note 7. Currently, it is very early to say if Samsung’s decision of using the LG batteries will make any noticeable improvements in the quality of its phones.

A few days ago, reports started popping up on the social media that Samsung Electronics will soon split itself into two companies. The company will be divided into a holding vehicle for ownership purposes and an operating organization. The experts also said that if this company divides itself into two halves, it would become stronger and would stay as the world’s top smartphone manufacturer.

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