Samsung blocks users from changing how Bixby Button works

Samsung S8 Bixby

When Samsung’s new flagships were not even released, the new AI assistant Bixby had been making rounds and was suggested to crush Siri. Finally, as the Galaxy S8 and S8+ released the management responsible for introducing the handsets to the world, glorified Bixby as an AI assistant set to revolutionize the AI scene.

A few days after the release Bixby surprisingly made it to the list of features that did not impress in the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Little was known at that time that Samsung will soon announce the new Bixby button will not be fully functional until Spring which means the buyers first to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S8 may have a PKR 6000 voucher but no Bixby!

The dedicated Bixby button, at the side of the body, had no other function but to launch the AI Assitant however, some third party developers tweaked the system and showed it was possible to launch Google Assitant or even the Camera app from the Bixby button.

Samsung has reportedly taken action against this usage of the dedicated Bixby button and said that this can cause disturbance to the device’s software. The use of Bixby as an ‘all-round’ button could have been a cool feature but with this utility gone for the foreseeable future, it means the users will be left with an unusable button until Bixby fully launches.

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