Samsung CH711 monitor

Today, most of the people demand High-Definition (HD) monitors for playing the games, which are rich in graphics. Gone are the days when simple Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) were enough to satisfy the demands of the people.

Now, almost everyone expects something advanced and high in quality. Samsung knows it. That is why it is all set to unveil its latest monitor, which is based on the Quantum Dot technology. The company will introduce this monitor at the event of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2017.

There are two models of Samsung CH711, one with the size of 27-inch while the other comes in 31.5-inch. Earlier, the company had unveiled two other quantum dot displays (CF791 and CFG70). The CH711 produces 125% sRGB and it is designed for the game lovers.

The displays come with the curving of 1800R, which makes it perfect to be viewed at 178 degrees. These quantum dot monitors play the HD videos without any issue. The company has added AMD FreeSync to make it produce the high-resolution graphics. Additionally, the CF791 has the aspect ratio of 21:9 and a curvature of 1500R.

Samsung CH711 packs a resolution of 2560×1440, which is great for enjoying powerful games. The device will be available in the market from early 2017 and the company has not yet revealed the price of these monitors.

According to Samsung, the quantum dot technology is more advanced and useful. The company wants to enhance the experience of its fans by introducing these monitors.

Samsung is known for producing high-quality displays. The company is reportedly working on the foldable displays as well.  It will soon introduce bendable smartphones, which will be very easy to fold, and the users will be able to adjust them inside their pockets quickly. There are speculations that the device will look like a wallet. But, it is still very early to guess the exact specifications of this phone.


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