Owing to rapid technological advancements, every week a new gadget or mobile phone is launched at an event that tries to create a wow factor to attract the media and attendees. In Pakistan, a normal smartphone launch event consists of presentations by the company executives, followed by the phone launch and dinner but Samsung has completely changed the game.

Free Samsung Galaxy S8 at launchAlthough these events are not too shabby themselves but none of these has been able to knock down its competitors as Samsung did at the launch of the new flagship phones Galaxy S8 and S8+! The smartphone brand one-upped others by not just giving a goodie bag or a selfie stick but handing out 20 brand new Galaxy S8 handsets via a lucky draw.


The hope of getting the world’s first smartphone to have an infinite display was so appealing that almost all of the guests stayed glued to their seats until the very end of the event while winners were seen running towards the stage in delight.

After the event commenced, there was a long queue outside the venue as people waited to get their hands on Samsung’s gift which was ‘special’ as announced multiple times during the ceremony; and it really was. The matt black bag (which itself looked premium) had a t-shirt, a pretty little notebook and Samsung’s own power bank with fast charging enabled.

When brands launch smartphones globally they do not just arrange an event to present the new device but also indirectly show the class of their brand by organizing a mega event. At the global launch of Huawei P10, each media personnel present was handed the state of the art P10.

The distribution of not 2 or 3 but 20 handsets by Samsung shows how it has showcased its class a major brand and put things like the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco in the past. Samsung attempted to bring the global touch to Pakistan and it has succeeded.

Galaxy S8 launch event

The venue was, of course, the Hazuri Bagh, which needs no introduction as it is of immense importance for us being a national heritage site with a history of hundreds of years. The site has been used to host state dinners before among other events by the Walled City Authority of Lahore, but never has a tech event been arranged in such a setting. Moreover, the way space was used to set up the stage, seating area, experience zones and the dining space, was impeccable.

Mr. Umer Ghumman, Head of Samsung Mobile Pakistan states, “This (Lahore Fort and Minar-e-Pakistan) reminds us of when we were unboxed from being a not very independent nation to a very independent one. We have brought the Minar-e-Pakistan within the Galaxy S8 to remind us that we are here to unleash your potential so that you perform well in life.”

We often see concerts at events with excellent performers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan gracing the stage. Samsung was releasing a new flagship phone with which it is silently hoping to get over the Galaxy Note 7 but also conveying to the world that for them giving up was never an option, and two powerhouse performers gracing the stage was the perfect way to say it out loud and clear. Noori and Meesha Shafi entertained the event participants with some songs such as Manwa Re surely must have taken some people down the memory lane.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ launch event was surely one to remember and  served as the true example of how big brands step up and show character when it’s needed.