Samsung faces first lawsuit over Note 7 battery explosion

Samsung is facing Galaxy Note 7 lawsuit

For the first time, a lawsuit has been filed against Samsung by one of its customers in USA. According to various media outlets, Jonathan Strobel – a man from the Florida has sued Samsung Electronics over its latest Galaxy Note 7, after the smartphone exploded in his pocket.

According to the man, he suffered severe burns after the Galaxy Note 7 exploded inside his pocket while he was trying to take out the phone. Strobel wants the South Korean smartphone maker to cover the medical bills, pain,  and other damages caused by the phone.

Although Samsung has started a recall program for the Galaxy Note 7, for Strobel, the recall came very late.

While speaking to Reuters, Samsung spokesperson Danielle Meister Cohen said: “We don’t comment on pending litigation. We are urging all Note 7 owners to power their device down and exchange it immediately.”

At the time Samsung announced its recall program, there were reportedly 35 cases of battery explosion in various parts of the world.

The Galaxy Note 7 device owned by Strobel was exploded just a week before Samsung launched the recall program. This lawsuit is just another addition to the unfortunate events following the release of the Galaxy Note 7.

According to Strobel’s lawyer Keith Pierro, Strobel has a deep second-degree burn, roughly the size of the phone, on his right thigh. “Unfortunately for my client, the recall came too late,” the lawyer said. The case is Strobel v Samsung Electronics America Inc et al, Florida Circuit Court, 15th Judicial District, Palm Beach County.

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So far, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer has received 92 reports of batteries overheating in the United States, including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage, US safety regulators said.

The Galaxy Note 7 has already been banned by various airline companies including PIA after the reports of battery explosion started to surface over the media.

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer with 26% market share in the smartphone industry, and this embarrassing fault will keep hurting the company unless there is a permanent solution.

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