Samsung’s Facial Recognition for Galaxy S8 can be easily tricked

Samsung Galaxy S8 Faulty Facial Recognition

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have as much as five unlocking options including some new and others which have been standard in Android phones. However, some of the options are not as useful as earlier marketed by Samsung.

It was earlier reported that Samsung will be using the facial recognition feature to let users carry out financial payments but several videos have appeared on YouTube and other social media sites, showing how easily the face recognition can be tricked with a photo of you!

Samsung sources say it will take four years or more until the face recognition becomes able to use for payment services. The viral videos show a user unlocking his phone by holding the photo of himself inside another Galaxy S8.

Samsung insiders say that even if the facial recognition becomes advanced and secure, the company might not use it for payments as other secure forms such as the Iris and fingerprint are present. On the other hand, it is important to note that many budget phones still come without an Iris scanner or a fingerprint sensor so we can not bank on these alone to be the future of biometric verification when its comes to payments.

A Korean tabloid reports that voice and facial recognition could well be the future of biometric verification.

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