Why Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is a better investment than Galaxy J7?


With the launch of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, Samsung has added another phone under its ever-growing umbrella of smart android phones. With its launching price fixed at PKR 35,000, this mobile gives the middle ranged users the opportunity to use the specs of a high range phone for a lesser price. it is an upgraded moniker of Samsung Galaxy J7.

The body of the phone boasts a brushed metal finish with tapered edges and a sleek camera so as to make it more comfortable to handle, whereas the Gorilla Glass front adds the strength. Comparable to the Edge series, the phone does give a more sophisticated look than its price range suggests.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is supplied with a 5.5inch 1920×1080 TFT-LCD screen for the with a pixel density of roughly 400 pixels per inch, giving it an acceptable clarity and quality. This is an attractive feature as the phone is provided with a 13 MP back camera with F1.9 lens and an 8 MP front camera; thus allowing clearer and brighter pictures. Also, the added wide selfie function and palm control feature for the camera is a plus.


The performance of the phone is adequately alright with a 16GHz Octa Core Processor and a 3GB Ram so that it can be used for multi-tasking without hindering the performance of the handset. Additionally, a memory card slot allows up to 256 GB memory card to be used to enhance the provided 16GB storage limit.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime also features customized TouchWiz UI with an Android Marshmallow at its core. It has a finger scanner to allow for the maximum and speedy security, while also providing an S-Power planning and S-Locker feature.

The phone comes supplied with a 3300 mAh battery and claims to last up to 12 hours of internet usage time, with a minimum heat-up. this can be an added bonus after the problems with Note 7.

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