Samsung Galaxy S8 now lets you Hide your Navigation Bar

Samsung Galaxy S8 has been observed to introduce series of new updates including security patches and other innovative features. The company is making sure to resolve all the issues and fill in every loophole created by the battery explosion of its flagship Note 7.

To provide better the user satisfaction, Samsung Galaxy S8 has rolled out to add another interesting feature in their flagship which is to hide the navigation bar.

There is an icon located alongside the navigation bar that helps you auto-hide the navigation keys whenever you are using an app.

This lets so enjoy the full-screen usage of its 18.5:9 panel for the apps that do not comply with the infinite display of the phone. You can give the command by toggling the navigation bar with a quick tap which gives you an option to hide or display the navigation keys.

The new feature has a self-explanatory label saying,”Tap here to fill the entire screen.” Once you tap it, the app will automatically restart and launch in fullscreen mode.

Some of you may not like the auto-hide feature, you can go to settings to disable the feature wholly just follow these instructions; Settings > Display > Navigation bar > Show and hide button.

Moreover, the new feature also narrows the color choices that can be used as the background of the navigation bar, well, it seems boring and colorless.

Earlier, you had an option to use an RGB scale to tweak the background according to your desire. But Samsung Galaxy S8 has now a squeezed collection of seven colors, with this update, you cannot use a black navigation bar.

The black navigation bar can be a smooth feature to some but some may be annoyed as well. There is not a legitimate reason to feature this new update. But possibly, the producer wanted to leave no combustion risks in the AMOLED panel using the black navigation bar.

Also, Samsung is rumored to add a panorama mode to improve the photography experience for the camera maniacs.

The update comes in a 454.18MB size and is now hitting the shelves in India. We hope the update to be available in other regions including Pakistan soon.

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