After having a rough couple of month in 2016, Samsung is on a roll with the success of Galaxy S8, S8+ and the wide reception of Galaxy Note 8. Now there are still six months left before we could ever see the next flagship Galaxy S9 but that doesn’t stop the rumor train.

According to the latest media reports, the new smartphone will feature a powerful chipset, Snapdragon 845 by Qualcomm. Just like this year, the company will also procure the first batch of the chipset and thus will delay the production of other smartphones with the same Snapdragon 845 chip again.

Now that Google has unveiled the new updated OS, Android Oreo we can very much expect it in the next flagship device along with the new Samsung Experience UI. After the debut of dual cameras in Galaxy Note 8, it won’t be far fetched to expect the same thing in Galaxy S9.

Till now, there is no news on the in-display fingerprint scanner front but as we have mentioned before that Samsung still has six months to develop a device that can wow the Android users and the iPhone lovers alike.

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As we reported earlier, the South Korean smartphone manufacturing company may stick with its current design and display; no criticism there as we are in love with the Infinity display. Galaxy S9 may also feature 6GB of RAM following the lead of Galaxy Note 8, but is too early to be certain.