Samsung Battery Graphene Balls

Samsung’s research unit has developed Graphene balls to incorporate into lithium-ion battery that can help charge the mobile battery 5x times faster than existing ones.

The material Graphene is composed of  an ultra-thin layer of carbon which is just one atom thick and is two hundred times stronger than steel.

Samsung has made this effort to replace the old Lithium-ion batteries that usually take an hour to charge while the new Li-ion battery with Graphene balls will charge your phone in 12 minutes.

It shouldn’t be ruled out that the new development must have had strong link with disastrous Note 7 fiasco that had virtually dishonored the Korean giant a year ago.

Samsung had to halt the production and recall nearly 2.5 million devices from customers for replacing them.

How does it work?

The South Korean Company made this battery by synthesizing a Graphene ball using silica and then to use the synthetic material for the anode and cathode of lithium-ion batteries that resulted in pacing up the charging speed by 45 percent.

This is not the only achievement for Samsung, the company has further confirmed that with the help of Graphene balls the temperature can be kept below 60 degrees which will prevent the battery from overheating.

Howeverthere is no confirmation whether this battery will go into mass production or not since Samsung has already made mind for featuring solid-state batteries in it’s smartphones in 2019 — an effort to address safety concerns over Lithium-ion batteries.

Solid state batteries are better than Li-ion batteries, however, it’s cost of manufacturing is still higher as compared to the latter one.

Whether, Samsung will overcome the challenge of commercializing this battery in the next 24 months or not time will tell. However, one thing is definite that Samsung is taking extreme measures for manufacturing and choice of a battery for its devices…

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