Samsung to launch first fold-able smartphone with iPhone 8

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung has been in the news for the last month or so with its flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+ release related leaks and now the reactions are flooding in with some people saying it is not what they expected.

Sources had earlier claimed that Samsung was going to release the Galaxy Note 8 in September but now news have emerged that Samsung’s long expected foldable phone is coming before the Note 8!

The smartphone giant got the Galaxy X name trademarked which means finally the industry first fully foldable phone is nearing its release date. With the Note 8 now expected to release in the fourth quarter of 2017, the Galaxy X could be Samsung’s competitor for the iPhone 8 which is expected to come with features such as a 3D rear camera.

The Galaxy X will be a foldable phone as images suggest it will have fulcrum hinges in right in the middle. The phone will come with three biometric recognition options, the iris scanner, the fingerprint scanner and the palm print. Other features such as the RAM, storage, camera sensors and battery are yet to be confirmed.

These features can be matched with the industry norms easily as bigger companies such as Samsung and Apple are now considering value-added characteristics, such as the new AI assistant Bixby, in their phones as a competitive edge.

Samsung released the Note 7 one month earlier to the iPhone 7 last year due to which the research and design team failed to test the battery resulting in explosions. It looks like this time Samsung is going to take its time as far as the Galaxy Note 8 release is concerned.

Image Source: Trusted Reviews

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