Wemogee Emoji App

After the release of a new AI assistant Bixby debuting in the new Galaxy S8, Samsung has introduced a new app Wemogee that lets people with language disorders communicate. Emojis are an important part of our life now with hundreds of them added with each major software update but this is the first time they will be used as a communication tool.

People with language disorders especially Aphasia find it difficult to read, write or talk. Aphasia is caused when brain regions responsible for language comprehension and speaking are injured. According to the National Aphasia Association, about two million Americans have the disorder and 180,000 more develop it each year.

Wemogee will be available on Android devices from 28 April but the iOS inclusion date has not been announced yet. The app replaces text phrases with emoji combinations and can be used for messaging in face to face conversations.

According to the developers this the first emoji based messaging app and has two modes: visual and textual. The app which is created by Samsung Electronics Italia (the company’s Italian subsidiary) and speech therapist Francesca Polini, has 140 phrases and six categories.

Polini says the use of gestures, images, and facial expressions is a function perfectly preserved in understanding and will help people with language disorders to communicate quickly.


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