Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2017

Samsung has now confirmed the Galaxy Note 8 will release later in 2017. Although it was already known but it’s always good to hear from the manufacturer itself. The announcement by Samsung is somewhat odd as smartphone brands remain tight-lipped about flagship releases until the phone is launched.

Samsung has a lot to prove this year; it will have to compete with the iPhone 8 and ensure the Note 8 is a safer device than the explosive Note 7. The South Korean brand showed its class and character at the magnificent launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in Pakistan which pointed towards Samsung’s strong resolve of looking forward instead of backward.

The competition will surely intensify in the second half of 2017 with many major launches this Spring and we are sure Samsung will continue its tradition of making a Note device more exciting than the ‘S’ device. Users can expect a new design and the best imaging tech among other things. This concept video made by Concept Creator is said to be the closest to what the Note 8 will actually look like.

It is also highly likely the Note 8 will feature a 4K screen which will definitely be a major boost to Galaxy S8’s already brilliant screen with the world’s first Mobile HDR certification. Rest assured the Note 8 will not just be a Galaxy S8+ with an S-pen and will come with significant upgrades.

Thanks to Samsung’s infinity display, it won’t have a home button, however, the screen will be 6.32 inches curved display one, bigger and better than the Galaxy S8+. A 6GB RAM has also been associated with the device while it will definitely house the Snapdragon 835. The Samsung Galaxy S8 also packs Qualcomm’s latest flagship but the Note 8 might be Quick Charge 4.0 enabled, a feature missing in the Galaxy S8+.

Note 8 Dual Camera

The Note 8 is all set to be Samsung’s first dual camera phone. The dual camera was rumored to be introduced with the Galaxy S8 but several design complications did not allow this to happen; the ‘S’ device camera is also an excellent one capable of capturing amazing low light pictures.

In addition to the Note 8, Samsung’s foldable phone, the Galaxy X might also see a minor launch this year however it might not be a flagship device.


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