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Samsung Pakistan has come up with this latest offer which let the Samsung fans experience the Gear VR for free.

Yes, the leading smartphone seller in Pakistan is giving Gear VR free to whoever buys the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

Earlier, the company had offered Gear VR on the pre-orders when the flagship models were launched in mid-march 2016 in Pakistan.

Samsung could have put a little more detail about the ending date of the offer OR how many early customers Samsung will cater for the gadget, but an official communication only confirms that the Gear is available till the stock lasts.

Gear VR is actually a device that complements the experience of both the devices by creating a more engaging environment for the users while they watch video content.

Usually, an offer coming from Samsung on flagships is very rare, but it is interesting that this offer is coming after Huawei P9 launched in Dubai last week.

We are not sure if the gift has anything to do with the sales of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge but it is always good to have such an exciting gadget as a gift.

What Gear VR does?

The Gear VR is a revolutionary device; that totally redefines what your smartphone can do. Put on the Gear VR and you’re there at the moment, reliving your most cherished memories in a Virtual Reality environment, created through a Super AMOLED display.

The big screen is all yours, delivering a vast range of fascinating content; the latest movies, thrilling games, personal videos, images and much more.  In January, Samsung Milk VR, the premium virtual reality content service, turned one year old and now houses over 700 hundred 360-degree videos from top brands and entertainment companies in the world.

Samsung Gear VR for free

The Managing Director of Samsung Pakistan – Mr. J.H. Lee stated that; “As Samsung seeks to inspire the consumers, to experience the unmatched performance of the S7 | S7edge, the Gear VR brings an immersive Virtual Reality experience to the common users. Therefore, Samsung is not simply providing superior smartphones; it has created a comprehensive eco-system to enrich the experiences and empower the users for more productivity and style”.

Samsung is a globally leading brand that invests over $40 million on Research and Development on every day. This award-winning innovator operates state-of-the-art design centers at 6 strategic locations, around the world. Samsung has been creating pioneering technologies, to enrich its fascinating devices like the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which are admired as the best smartphones in the world today and give a whole different experience when used with Samsung Gear VR.

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