Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has said that it has relaunched its Galaxy Note 7 device all around the world. The company has announced that the units have been shipped to the verified stores. According to Samsung, the newly shipped units do not have any kind of fault in them.

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer first relaunched the sale of Galaxy Note 7 in its home country and now it has officially announced that the device is now available across the world. There is a chance that Samsung will introduce a new and refreshing advertisement of its powerful device in the coming days to regain the attention of its fans and consumers.

It is important to be recalled that the sales of the Samsung’s newly launched device under the Note brand were stopped after some unfortunate incidents that involve sudden explosions of the device, mainly because of faulty batteries that were housed in the units.

As the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with a non-removable battery, it was not possible for the company to provide the replacement batteries to the users. So, the company instead decided to recall all the units and offer replacement handsets.

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A man even filed a case against Samsung and demanded the company to afford all the hospital expenses for the burns he suffered from the Note 7 device explosion.


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