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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 made its official entry into the Pakistani market earlier this month but just after a few weeks, the company has made a startling decision of lowering the price of the handset.

Galaxy Note 8 price has been reduced from Rs. 108,999 to Rs. 99,999

After the global launch on 23rd August, the company started the pre-ordering of the device in early-September which according to the company official crossed 1500 units in a small period of time.

At the launch event, we came to know that this number has grown to become 3000 units where the company is hopeful about the device’s future in Pakistan.

Although the Samsung Pakistan team was touting a more than expected response at the time of pre-orders, the sudden change in price raises a lot of question as to why the company drastically reduced it before the phablet’s launch wasn’t even a month old in Pakistan.

Less than Desired Sale?

The new Galaxy Note 8 is a match made in Heaven for the multi-taskers but used to cost an absolute fortune putting many Note lovers off.

Now, one of the explanations for the sudden change in the smartphone’s price can be that the company has hit a dead wall due to less than desired sales of the device and is trying to gain more customers by offering a discounted price.

Enticing Customers with Discounted Price?

We all know that just like the size of the Galaxy Note 8, the price tag was also bigger than its predecessors.

Due to such a high price, many potential customers had to face the truth that no matter what, they could not afford the smartphone. So, it is a possibility that the company lowered it in an attempt of including more buyers in its expanding Note family.

People who bought the device for its full price will not be happy about the company’s sudden change of heart

The company deliberately devalued the price of the smartphone for which the users paid a fortune and in return, they didn’t even get the valuable goodies for pre-ordering the device unlike in other parts of the world. This and the fact that they could’ve saved a lot of money ought to make many people feel hurt or betrayed.

Last week we approached Samsung Pakistan’s representative for a comment and still await their response on the matter.

So now that Galaxy Note 8 has a new price tag, would you consider buying the device? Let us know what you think and if you do plan to purchase it, check out the best 5 features of the handset by clicking here.

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