Samsung Bixby
Image Source: Wired
Samsung Bixby
Image Source: Wired

Samsung has revealed yet another feature to be included in the upcoming Galaxy S8. This time it’s an innovative voice assistant ‘Bixby’ carefully designed and released after 18 months of hard work and research.

The Galaxy S8 will feature the Bixby button present on the left side just under the volume controls. Samsung says it is trying to make its smartphones as easy to use and while other voice assistants do the same, locating them requires effort from a new user.

With the Bixby button included in the body of the phone activities like turning on and unlocking the phone or looking for a certain contact in your phonebook can be done with just a touch.

Currently, there are many AI assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and the Google Assistant. According to Samsung, the Bixby AI will not only perform actions such as adding an event or playing a song with the voice but will enable every action possible within an app.

The tech lead at Samsung has interestingly given us a new way of thinking by stating that at Samsung developers do not want the humans to learn technology but the machines to learn our style of living. Bixby is the first step in this direction with the AI assistant able to do every task at a voice command.

Samsung wants to let Bixby do every task because the hassle of finding out what works with the voice assistant and what’s not compatible is a very confusing practice for the user. Moreover, Bixby will not need exact command and will be able to work contextually, understanding the activity carried out on the phone at that time and understanding commands keeping the activity in consideration.

Samsung says the new AI assistant to be included in the Galaxy S8 will only be available on some apps for no but it will release tools to help developers make Bixby-enabled apps of their own.


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