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Mobilink through their partnership with Samsung has launched Samsung Knox Enterprise Solutions in Pakistan, where the employees have to play by the IT rules and policies of the companies. Samsung Knox is a mobile security solution built into both the hardware and software of Samsung’s latest devices that can help secure the data on the mobile and can also be used to monitor the work data and privileges of an employee.

A company employing Knox solutions will have an IT admin who will enforce certain rules and policies of companies through mobile devices using Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM). In this day and age, the competition between companies and enterprises and rising digitization has raised various security concerns among business executives.

The increased use of smartphones for completing everyday tasks, that used to be achieved by laptops or PC is making mobile security a top priority for companies. Samsung through their different solutions ensures that the data is secure and cannot be tampered with.

In an event today, Samsung revealed that they have signed an exclusive two years partnership agreement with Mobilink, where the two will provide security solutions to the companies that will avail their services. The companies that will employ this service will enroll the corporate devices of their employees on this software and can secure the data not just from hackers but from any malevolent activities too, like taking picture of any presentation etc.

Samsung Representative
Samsung’s Representative at the event

It was revealed by the representative of Samsung that the company will be providing its four enterprise mobile solution to their clients in Pakistan and mainly talked about three of them, which are:

Knox premium

Knox Premium is a cloud-based cross-platform enterprise mobility management solution combined with an on-device secure container for Samsung devices.

Knox workspace

Knox Workspace is an on-device container that isolates business applications and data from personal ones with government-grade security. It also provides enhanced granular controls over device features to enterprise IT administrators.

Knox customization

Knox Customization has a comprehensive set of tools and services that allow businesses to customize and deploy end-to-end mobile solutions. The business can customize the features on the basis of what they want and deploy the solution that best suits their needs.

The four basic functions that provide mobile security include;

  • Remotely wiping the phone in case the device is lost and even locking it down so it can’t be used by anyone else
  • Monitoring the device’s current location
  • Application management through allowing different mobile apps to work while blacklisting a few and vice versa
  • Device restriction through restricting any particular kind of hardware like camera, the configuration of the wifi, limiting GPS features, etc.

Zahid Iqbal, Head of Operations Mobilink revealed that with this partnership they are moving forward towards creating a digitally connected world and aims to move on to provide ITC solutions in fields like smart home, agriculture, voice automated systems etc. He also revealed that the Mobilink has now a very strong position when it comes to e-commerce and also aims to move forward in future with various different partnerships.

Though the Samsung Knox Enterprise Solutions has its advantages, it also presents certain challenges to the users. First, it only works on the phones that are enrolled in the program. Any employee can keep a second phone which still presents a threat to the company and its data. Secondly, this is not a foolproof security plan for a company as it all comes down to the intentions of the people that work in the company or handle sensitive data.

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