Samsung Note 7

Samsung announced last night that it would be bringing back the Galaxy Note 7 and offering it in selected markets. The release date and possible markets for the release have not been specified yet and will be announced when the product is finally available.

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco started back in 2016 when several users from all around the world reported that their phones had exploded. Samsung recalled some of the phones in September 2016 but the issues continued resulting in a full recall of the phones in October 2016.

The investigationĀ revealed several findings which all pointed to issues with the battery as Samsung announced in January 2017.

Samsung has said some parts such as semiconductors and camera modules will be removed for testing purposes while some other handsets will see their copper, metal and gold parts removed by companies the organization calls as eco-friendly.

Samsung has stated that the sole reason for introducing the Galaxy Note 7 again is to minimize adverse effects on the environment. The upcoming Galaxy S8 is the first phone which will be releasing under the new battery testing program.

It is expected the phone will release with a new name as well but not be released in the U.S and Canada.

Image Source: Ubergizmo


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