Samsung suspends Galaxy Note 7 shipments after battery explosion incidents

Samsung Galaxy Note 7-a

Galaxy Note 7 is the most stunning product from Samsung this year which is also getting the acclaims from reviewers worldwide owing to its gorgeous design elements and newly introduced features. The phone is the first one in Samsung’s lineup which has used USB-C connector.

In an interesting development, Samsung has reportedly suspended the worldwide shipments of its latest flagship Galaxy Note 7 calling it a measure to go through the further tests before the Korean Company put the product on the shelves for the Samsung fans worldwide, Reuter reports.

While quoting, Samsung’s official response on the matter, “Shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 are being delayed due to additional tests being conducted for product quality,” Samsung said in a statement to Reuters. The firm did not elaborate on what it is testing and to what markets shipments are being delayed.”

The reports suggest that few of the early buyers of Galaxy Note 7 in the countries including South Korea claimed the explosion of batteries.

Korea Herald has reported that at least two phones exploded in Korea which Samsung has collected immediately, and investigation into the matter has been initiated.

Earlier a user posted the photos of burnt Galaxy Note 7 on the Chinese forum Baidu describing that he had plugged in his phablet for the charging at night when he heard the sound of an explosion caused by the burning of his Galaxy Note 7 during the process of charging. The photos he posted are here;

galaxy note 7 exploded-c

galaxy note 7-exploded-b

The images suggest that the user may have used a third party microUSB charger which could have triggered the explosion. It is not confirmed yet if it is really prohibited from the Samsung as a part of official guidelines to use company’s own shipped charger.

Samsung earlier reported that the demand for Galaxy Note 7 is skyrocketing in the Europe, and it has outdone the supply which may push back the launch date of the phone in some markets of the world.

In Pakistan, the company had announced to deliver free Gear VR for early pre-orderers but it is not confirmed yet if the phones will be delivered to the users on time or not. However, the grey phone phenomenon is already working in the country providing early buyers with enough opportunity to get hold of the device way earlier than their friends who usually rely on official channel.

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