New patents hint Samsung will soon introduce a bendable smartphone

Samsung to launch Bendable Smartphone

Last year in May, we reported that Samsung was working on foldable displays and the company will launch a smartphone featuring this kind of screen in 2017. According to the latest patents, the company will introduce this smartphone in the third or fourth quarter of this year.

Some reports suggest that the South Korean smartphone manufacturer is working on more than one smartphones. All of the new devices from this company will come under the “Galaxy” brand name. The bendable one will come with a 4K resolution screen, and there is no word about the price for this phone.

The display of the bendable smartphone will be on the outer part of the fold. The device will look like a wallet and it will be very easy for the users to keep it inside the pocket. The analysts are saying that soon after the introduction of Samsung’s foldable smartphone, the other major brands will also develop this kind of phones.

Samsung to use strong glass protection on bendable smartphone

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer has the plan to use a stronger protection than the one offered by the Corning’s Gorilla Glass. But, currently, it is just a rumor and we should wait for some more details.

The design of Samsung’s bendable smartphone will be similar to the Galaxy Note 4 and there will be the curved corners on both the sides. There are some speculations that Samsung will keep using the 3.5mm headphone jack on its future smartphones. The bendable device will feature a physical home button as well.

Samsung’s bendable smartphone is currently known as Project Valley, which is a codename for this device.

According to a report, around five tech companies are working on foldable displays and these companies will unveil their foldable smartphones as early as 2018. It is expected that the foldable smartphones will take around 20% of the entire market share in 2019.

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