Samsung is a staunch supporter of the advancements of tech-friendly inventions and following this trend the company has filed a patent for wireless charging cases.

These upcoming cases will help the users to charge their device wirelessly by just placing their mobile phone on the case and the smartphone’s battery would be up in no time.

Diagram of wireless charging
Image Source: AndroidHeadlines

Based on the diagram it looks like the wireless charging cases are specifically designed for the smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy S and Note series. It maybe for the Samsung Tab as well because the size of the case look like it can house a tablet.

The design of the new cases is based on the standards provided by Wireless Power Consortium. It is expected that the smartphone giant would engrave the wireless charging pad into the front lid of the S series View Covers.

The company hasn’t made it official if or when it wall start producing these charging cases and deliver it to customers but it sure does raise our excitement level just thinking about this tech coming to reality.

It is highly unlikely that the coming Galaxy Note 8 would come with this wireless charging case but maybe we can see this device coming into action next year. Also, we hope that the cases wouldn’t remain exclusive to Samsung phones in the future.