Samsung’s new 2.5 inch SSD offers 16 TB storage

Samsung SSD

Samsung has started shipping 16 TB Solid State Drive (SSD), which is just 2.5 inch in size. The portable drive was first unveiled at Flash Memory Summit in 2015. The drive’s performance is 1,000 times higher than SAS drives, as claimed by the company. It is named PM1633a.

Samsung also has the plan to bring 7.68 TB, 3.84 TB, 1.92TB, 960GB and 480GB hard drive to replace the rotating hard drives from data centres.

There were days when we used to carry 8-inch floppy disk with us only to carry data up to 1.2 MB. But now, everything is changed. Days of large storage devices are all gone. Now, we can say that “the smaller the size of the disc, the greater the storage capacity,” and South Korean electronics company has proved it.

PM1633a delivers a speed of up to 1200 MBps whereas a regular SATA SSD max speed is 550 MBps. It offers random read and write speed of up to 200,000 and 32,000 I/Os per second. It uses 3D NAND and a pile of 3D chips to store complex data in a small shaped drive.

The drive will be available for purchase later this year. The company has not announced the price yet.

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