Sarahah mobile app

Have you been waking up to a weird Sarahah trend on Twitter? Well trust me when I say, you’re not alone in this confusion. The viral anonymous feedback mobile app has taken the internet by storm but it turned out that the app uploads the phone’s contacts on the company’s servers reports, The Intercept.

According to Zachary Julian, a senior security analyst at Bishop Fox, when the user downloads and logs into the Sarahah app, its transmits all the email and phone contacts that were stored on the device’s operating system.

Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, the founder of Sarahah app took it to Twitter to respond to the story saying the contact lists were being uploaded because of the “planned find your friends feature” that was delayed because of technical issues.

In all sincerity, the application does ask permission from the user but the actual twist in this story is that nowhere does it mention that it will upload the information on its server. The move doesn’t add any functionality in the app for the user but is storing information for a distant feature, that may or may not be introduced.


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