Saudi Arabia to launch E-Visa program for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims

KSA to issue e-visa for Hajj and umrah pilgrims

The digital phenomenon is finally to be instigated in Hajj and Umrah visa process as Saudi government will launch E-Visas program from next month.

The new system will be introduced to ensure a swift process for the pilgrims. It will implement the various regulations concerned with the follow-up of Umrah and Haj companies and their compliance with the specifications for introducing the service.

How will it work

The visa applicant would apply through their agent, contracted by the Saudi Hajj company. The agent would provide the relevant information through the electronic network and the pay for the services to the approved Saudi company via bank transfer.

The Pakistani companies would then issue an E-number on the basis of the data provided for each pilgrim with the approval of Saudi Companies. Saudi consulate would then issue visas to the relevant applicants based on the E-number

The new system is said to be introduced from next month, making it easier for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims to get their required visas to enter the country. We have seen many new technologies making Hajj easier for the pilgrims and now the visa process can also be streamlined. Moreover, the visit visa, aqama visa, and business visa would be issued through E-system in phases.

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