Say No To Corruption: A new book introduced at primary school level

Say No To Corruption book

Corruption is one of the biggest political, social and economic issue in Pakistan. It leads to moral destruction of society and corrupts the minds of the people especially children and teenagers. When children see their elders being involved in the corruption, they develop a  mindset that it’s okay to do such things. The children need to say no to corruption. But unfortunately, most of the times, no one seriously teaches them to raise the voice against the dishonest, fraud people.

For removing the corruption from the society and purifying the brains of the innocent children, the government has introduced a colouring book for the primary level students. This one-of-its-kind book, titled Say no to Corruption contains the phrases against the corruption.

The National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore in collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), has designed this book. The mission is to encourage the children to battle against the corruption.

According to the designers, this book will teach the young students that the corruption is a significant threat to our nation. It will teach them that we all should fight against dishonest acts. With this publication, the future generation will learn a lot of things in a unique way.

Say no to corruption! a fun way to teach children about harmful effects of crimes

Say no to corruption is a book that will assist the children in understanding the adverse effects of crimes on our society and will encourage them to do something against them.

In this regard, the government held a ceremony in Islamabad for unveiling this book. On this occasion, the government officials, JICA representatives, and representatives of public and private schools were present.

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We can say it is a great initiative by the government of Pakistan for launching such a book that would assist children in learning about the ill effects of crimes in our society and help them in fighting against the corruption. It is a fun and attractive way to teach children about what is wrong and what is right.

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